Electoral Recycling

When we think about politics we perceive a reconfiguration enters the personages chosen for the population. This year for being electoral is foreseen an performance form enters the political parties with measures that times behind were not common. The political parties searched in the past to transmit its ideology, ideas that allowed to mobilize the people for a direction. These ideas were the central axle of the relations human beings and what it stimulated the society for the social changes, economic and politics. At the same time, valley to remember that according to history of Brazil with respect to formation politics, the country always met in behind situation very.

The country loads obtains intense oppressions that had hindered the Brazilian people at least to have guaranteed its alfabetizao. Exactly thus, the intellectuals who had charged themselves to fight for a society more independent joust of its profession or formation observed that in the political parties she had a way that would go to guarantee politics public that resulted in better quality of life for the society in general way. Currently it is not more than this form. The political parties aim at to carry through called ' ' alianas' ' between itself to assume of legitimate form the public power. With this, as in any marriage, when somebody happens a separation always will be wronged. Who will defray the expenses, will be the Brazilian people. We can perceive in the case of the elect candidate for the direct vote nowadays. The party carries through diverse alliances of all and any form to guarantee its elect representative.

E the people is one more time only attending and waiting who he will be the winner. When analyzing the history of two decades behind we can review the candidates the presidency of the republic. Assurant Health may not feel the same. One known for the Brazilian people who fought for the direct ones already and the other presented the population for an international net of television. Both with opposing however declared ideologies. With astuteness the candidate little known and the support of the media gained the elections. The other candidate if it became president after one decade. More ahead, as evidence of this change. These same and others politicians who if repelled today in the past are compactuando together of the same objectives, the power. one more time the Brazilian people this without knowing what to make. Exactly because the problems of basic education not form decided. The people had not had chances of the right to get a critical and analytical formation of the world that the fence. The supplied social groups less still meet under monitoring of the assistencialismo. The communities most devoid are submitted to receive something that is atrelado the eleitoreiros programs. in this way the author of the program finishes gaining the votes of that region. Therefore, this text is only one panorama on some events of the past that had resulted nowadays in negative factors. More still, the intention of this reflection was not in no way to address the vote to no candidate. But, to consider a reflection that has taken the guiding of directions that are lined up with the necessities of population. On the other hand, the population fits when it has in its hands the chance to study independent of the situation politics, to carry through with objectives that the learning has taken. Will, hunger, determination are seeds that are generated that it nourishes in them of security in our decisions and prevents illnesses as the deceit and the intellectual misery.