Operation Disc

The service life of wheels depends on their rational use. We will offer a few tips to help you extend the life of the disks as possible. Appearance on the surface of forged and cast wheels is special enamel. Despite the fairly large strength of enamel, it can become a victim of chips and scratches. Also represent a great danger of foreign matter, such as dust from brake pads and shoes. So tips on caring for discs will coincide with the rules of the content of paint surfaces: * Avoid physical impact on the drive, be wary of curbs, as this can ruin the disk, and the very bus * You need to store discs in good condition * gross error in the care of your discs is to use gasoline or other solvents. This may greatly damage the enamel. * To care for the outer surface of the disk should be use a special wax that can add luster to the drive and save it from dust and exposure to the atmosphere.

Practical use. Firstly, to take seriously the way as you center the disc. As a rule, replacing one wheel the other a bolt can enter with a little skewed, and the other is not fully tightened. All of these errors accumulate, and as a result, a possible change in disk format. Secondly, you need to worry about treatment of minor injuries. Even some of alloy wheels can relieve the strain produced by shocks, or some accident with the tires.

Since the Russian roads are no different stable quality, it is necessary take into account the peculiarities of discs at high speeds. If you fall at high speed into a kind of recess, the drive can change its configuration, ie, simply crack. When deformation disk tire pressure strongly decreases, which can provoke a serious accident. Twisted disk changes its shape and balance. Inside, there is a distinctive sound. If there was a deformation front discs, it can begin severe beating of steering. To avoid these and other problems, you should use the following tips: * It is necessary to adhere caution when driving at high speeds during the day, not to mention the night time of day. * Carefully think about how to tighten the wheels. Here there are several options. Discs made from aluminum, bolted, specially designed for this purpose bolts. You should also keep track of how much you tightening the bolt. Efforts to tighten the screws must not exceed the recommended or you may be gathering from the thread and break the studs. Also need to thickly grease the bolts.