The Victim

The main objective of this columnist – to offend the author, the lower its credibility in the eyes of colleagues and potential clients. Think about who would have started writing this – any competitor who fails to show professional viability of their work, or a man who bored or just doing nothing, and he is trying to increase their self-esteem by trying to delete another, more successful than himself. A sad story which was repeated several times with each more or less popular photographer. I will look at specific instances of such action a little later. There is such a thing as trolling – this is bullying a particular person or group of people. Those who carries trolling, called trolls. The victim – it is food for the troll.

Troll interesting choice to sacrifice a man who will be with him to develop a conversation. Photographer, protecting their work is a real treat for a troll. You can leave hurtful comments by his works, we can dissolve the dispute to the forum. To me, for example, even do a photo-collage on the forum In the course of going all ways. Naturally, the trolls are different: one is more advanced in this regard, someone just Hamit. Clever troll – a subtle troll. One of the universal responses to the banal rudeness – ‘thick’. Such a response would understand the troll, that he should not start the game, as his mental development is not gone beyond primary school level.