Tricks For Makeup

When it comes to make-up, women always resort to certain tricks to be more favoured trying to highlight some features and hiding others.We try to get larger eyes, thicker lips, small nose, outstanding cheekbones, skin without imperfections, etc. The list of tips, tricks and tips, is interminablecompartimos with you some of those tricks so you can try how a correct application of makeup, can create the desired illusion. To disguise a long and narrow face like Sarah Jessica Parker, you must apply the blush on the cheekbones and avoid doing in temples, because it will make it look longer. Which have the shape of wide face, must be placed flush only on cheekbones, avoiding apply it near the nose and not blur it toward your ears to avoid highlight its shape. Of square face, apply the blush on the cheekbones and smudge it towards the temples to smooth your way. If your face shape is round, a good eyebrow arch can eliminate the emphasis to the fullness. To shave them correctly, follow these steps: place a pencil vertically next to the nose.

The eyebrows should begin where joins with the eyebrow by the side of the nose, then place the side of the Pencil Eraser the outer edge of the iris. The peak of the arc must be where the pencil points. Carefully go removing clips about how many hairs at once, take a look in the mirror to avoid very thin eyebrows or round eyebrows. Original author and source of the article