Proper Design Of Site Layout

Call layers according to their content is no secret that many designers ignore such procedure as to rename layers. And in vain. In this situation remain a loser all the project participants. Designer loses credibility and respect from colleagues, a maker spends excessive force to work with the layout, the project manager does not fit into the timeline. Combine those layers that will not be used individually and group those together represent a single element.

Here is an example. Company logo, for which you are creating a site is made of 5 layers. To fit on all these layers come together, because logo represents the inseparable element of design. It would be reasonable, if makeup went on a layout that does not contain layers to be merged. It would also be nice if the designer in advance to group layers that form the image header, the main body of the page and additional blocks. It also simplifies the coder. Do not leave blank layout layers created by accident or to deal with any problems, as well as invisible layers.

The presence of invisible layers knocks coder confusing. Should there be an element depicted in such a layer on the page or not? Luckily, if the psd file is attached to a copy of the jpg. And if not? Then you have to contact the designer or project manager for help, which again implies a waste of time. Filed under: patrick matthews. If you use specific fonts or rasterize them, or attached to the design layout. Very often used in website design fonts available on your computer coder (which deprives him of working with text). Try to be replaced by the layer effects to bitmap counterparts. Layout design of the site should be a static bitmap image. If designer used in his project the effects of the layer, then cutting the image may change. This is due to the fact that the layer effects applied only to non-transparent pixels, and their number and location may vary the process of preparing the layout for layout. Avoid having effects in the layer in two ways. The first is to perform the procedure Create Layers (based in the shortcut menu, layer effects). After performing the above procedures in the image appear more layers, each of which is responsible for one effect. Simple union of the layers we will achieve the result sought by. The idea of the second way – to keep a separate layer, as jpg image and insert it into the psd file. But in my humble opinion – is the way amateurs. I think there are people who can add to the list. I'll be glad. And finally, I want to emphasize again that the work on design has a designer. It takes a lot less time and effort than the coder. Following these instructions can significantly reduce the time of creating the site.