Moderately Well

The muzzle is strong and its length must be equal to the distance between the stop and the occipital. You must give the impression of a dog that has a strong muzzle and a good range of box cranial. The stop is moderate.The truffle is large and square, usually black, but normally harmonizes with hair in shades of blue and brown color. The truffle and the lips should be a solid color, without stains. Pigmentation of lips and the edge of the eyelids must be equal to the color of the truffle. EYES: of the same hue as the color of the hair, placed quite separated andes but not outgoing, with look sweet and affectionate.

Eyebrows forming an arc upward and forward but not very long that hide his eyes. EARS: The ears are of medium size and falls. When dog this alert, lifted them from its base, level with the top of the skull but not on it, which gives the skull an appearance of more width. MAXILLARY teeth: Teeth are white and large. JAWS must be strong, with complete and healthy teeth, preferably with scissor bite, i.e. the inner side of the upper incisors is in contact with the external face of the lower incisors and placed at a right angle with the jaws.

The bite iron is tolerable but not desirable. NECK: Moderately lqrgo muscular and slightly arched. FORELIMBS: Well sloped shoulders haciaatras. Limbs straight and vertical with good bone, and covered in coarse hair the pasterns are flexible but not weak. BODY: The body length is defined by the length of the torarica case and not by the kidney region. The back should be straight and well sprung ribs, but not in Coop. The kidney region is strong and deep, rather broad and well developed chest at heart level. Hind LIMBS: The hind limbs are well muscled, with strong thighs, well angled knees and hocks descended.