Law Of The Attraction True Meaning

When one starts to read about the law of attraction is easy to understand what is said, however is no longer so easy to understand what you want to convey (why most applied everything you read and then say abra cadabra and the rabbit does not appear). I.e. it is as if one at first when she begins to read is reading a text in Ukrainian and reading is going to grow in quantity, gradually some of those same words are going translating alone Spanish. You understand what I mean? I am referring to that when already past few months absorb readings of dozens of books and hundreds of pages about the law of attraction, is as if the same concept that was previously read in another book, now seen with more experience sees it another way and understanding that you get now is different to its first readingeven when the words remain the same. Why many authors say that you should read the books several times, because with each new reading wisdom that contains every one of them is releasing in major quantity. And there comes a time when one understands the true meaning which brings with it the law of attraction. It is said that it goes beyond the definition itself attract our lives directly proportionally to that kind of thoughts we have positive or negative events. It is there that is then seen that second meaning that I say, that meaning that is deeper, hidden to the readings that are started, not because it is more or less intelligent, the subject does not pass by there, but because still in that starting point we did not make that change of thought (from the competitive to the creative) that will allow us to open our minds to new knowledge. Why is that that turning point arrives when one understands that the law of attraction is nothing more than an instruction manual of how to interpret the Scriptures.