Free Horoscope Online

Internet brings us the possibility of consulting our horoscope, free daily. Or, to be more exact, the possibility of having hundreds of our free horoscopes. The possibilities multiply: Celtic, Chinese, Gypsy, Aztec, Egyptian horoscope. Where start, then? Here we offer a brief guide with the characteristics of the main horoscopes. The Mayan calendar is, admittedly, one much greater than the Gregorian calendar accuracy. Strictly speaking, the mayas possessed 2 calendars, of use common, divided into 365 days, and the sacred calendar, or Tzol, of 260 days sign.

Combined, both calendars gave account of the evolution of the solar and lunar time, and granted to those born in every day special features. The Mayan year, moreover, is divided into 13 moons, each one of which takes the name of an animal revered by this people. Of these 13 animals of the Mayan horoscope signs take their name. Some of them: the monkey, the Falcon, the turtle, the Fox, the jaguar. The Gypsy horoscope, like the tarot, originates in the Egyptian horoscope. This vital, and nomadic people accustomed to having few, but very valuable possessions, chose to describe your zodiac signs with the names of those valuable objects.

The campaign, the currency, las candelas, axe, wheel or Cup are some of them. The Arab horoscope, like Western horoscope, is divided into 12 signs. His message, however, is deep, rich and complex. The first is not limited to stating the characteristics of each sign, but it gives tips on how to maximize them or balance to a successful life. The signs are represented through armor, weapons and geomanticas figures. This is because that Arabic astrology, is actually a composite science that combines elements of geomancy, Numerology and astrology, baptized by the Arab people as a science of the sand. A science that teaches us to use the weapon of each sign to defend us, conquer and thrive. Free horoscope can be found online at many more, from the most popular modalities (in reality based on the primitive Chaldean horoscope) Western and Chinese to the Celtic horoscope, passing by the hindu or the Egyptian. A good opportunity to have fun and discover hidden aspects of our personality.