DMX Spotlights Via IPhone App

The channel control is done via buttons, slider (slider) and knobs (picker). To set the dip switches on the DMX lights and light effect units is a useful tool available. This works even without a connected hardware. Of HMB-TEC DMX controller is required for the operation of tools with real lights and other DMX light effect units.

The DMX controller can about or related on ebay Germany at futuresoundfactory shop the DMX ToolsSet are supported in the current version the following functions: control DMX channel 1 to 8 on the appropriate number of sliders (sliders). Here, for example 8 headlights can be set separately. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin. Control a RGB headlamp in 3 different operating modes 1, 2, or 3 slider. The home channel is free selectable between channels 1 to 99 Color-pad control. A RGB spotlights controlled by any home channel from 1 to 499 in color and brightness by simply with your finger over one, touch-panel out with a range of colours, strokes. Control of up to 100 DMX channels at the same time (all on, all randomly off or all or off) control of Flash and/or rotation effects (different speeds and rotational direction selection) dip switch (usable also without adapter cable!) configuration tool with graphical display and channel selection Rotary wheel (picker).