United Peace

Get to feel the beating of our hearts, and then joining us, make a prayer in your faith, that you have, asking for healing for you and pra all your brothers in the Earth. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Neal Barnard offers on the topic.. This practice can help you much, for quieting the immune system and lift us up. It is not advisable when you are sick to have, discussions, any problem must be put aside. Do not beg the affection of anyone, because this brings an internal struggle so destructive, that if you can lower your defenses and now is the time to put aside the material and personal situations. Materially speaking, anyone carrying life anything, let go of all that which brings you stress, above all the accounts, if you have to deliver something or lose it, not feel, you’re the most important thing. Sometimes we are thinking about what we want to let the children and the children or interested to leave, at the end they themselves are getting rid of things. It’s amazing family detachment that exists today.There are very United families, dragged very good manners, but usually sometimes leaving a property, inpagables debt we are leaving in the pocket of their children and themselves not concervaran.

What for one has one spiritual or moral value for others is not. Your peace lies in clean everything that affects you. To have inner peace. To understand the people around you, but without entering into discussion. To allow attachments, try meditation three times a day filling you with tranquility, so every decision you take is right, and do it with the same Joie de vivre. Forget what they say medical papers, thinks about what he says and God, he says that your are his son and to trust in him. And this you can repeat it during day: I’m fine Jesuis in ti I trust. Miracles exist, they occur every day, you’re one of his miracles and as I’ve gone through many diagnoses, operations, quimoterapias, tests etc. give you this option to keep you normal, making your life and proponiendote goals, peace exercises, so you can beat and raise your immune system, which is who has the answer to your evil.