Tien Shan Werneth

Snow-white lotus mountain lakes of the Tien Shan Werneth Youth Lotus – one of the most amazing plants on our universe, growing in vode.Svyaschennoe plant worshiped many nations, including the peoples of the East. In China was considered sacred lotus predates Buddhism. One of the eight immortals maidens, maiden of virtue Ho Sin-gu described in the hands of a lotus. The lotus flower, used in religious ceremonies, as it piled traditions and legend. For more information see The Laws of Human Nature. One of these ancient Chinese legend tells of a princess, which turned into an evil sorcerer ugly old woman. To save the princess from the spell the wizard, it was only possible means made from a snow-white flower, which grew on the mountain lakes of Tien Shan. Find and frustrate him, he could only brave and honest boy. Spirits of the mountains have been carefully preserved it, because in this magical flower, were collected all the power and wisdom of the mountains.

Drink from This flower, rosshey in the waters of the lake, crystal-clear, was equal to the force of living water. Fearless, passionate young man, plucked a flower, and delivered his '' from the spell the sorcerer, returning to her youth and beauty and noble krasotu.Poetomu rich Chinese women are not spared fortunes to get 'Snow Flower' and use cosmetics made of this wondrous plant. Additional information at what is fracking supports this article. Plant it was named snowy Tian Shan Lotus. So what's the secret through which people still adore this plant? The fact that its flowers are beautiful and consistently surprising move of the sun, or that it gave people food at all times and cure many diseases. In traditional Chinese, Tibetan medicine and cosmetics to make potions used all parts of the plant, from root, ending with the pestle. From official sources it is known that the seeds stored in the museum collections maintained their germination after 150 and even 200 years later. So what's the power inherent in this plant? Even until now, there are still not fully explained, the ancient recipes healers East, which cures disease and return the youth and beauty. Currently, a plant found biologically active substances, it alkaloids, flavonoids and vitamins that are very effective in cosmetology.