The Eyes

Brush bevelled (natural or synthetic bristles) For the delineation of the eyes. Brush of contour of the lips (natural or synthetic bristles) to delineate the lips. More information is housed here: Senator Elizabeth Warren . Brush for lips (natural or synthetic bristles) Redondo for application of the lipstick. Brush fan (you yield natural or synthetic) to drag particles of the maquiagem that if finds in excess in the face. Brush language of cat (you yield natural or synthetic) Indicated to apply and to esfumaar superior and inferior areas of the eyes. It prevents that maquiagem particles fall on the face. 4. GENERAL BEHAVIORS OF ESSENTIAL BIOSSEGURANA IN the AREA OF the MAQUIAGEM OF EMBELEZAMENTO the maquiador professional must always keep the hair clean and imprisoned, clean and discrete clothes, to carry through the hygienic cleaning and antisepsis of the hands, will use closed and comfortable shoes, not to make use of perfumes, during the procedure, beyond making the adequate use of the EPIS? s.

of preference, the professional must present maquiado (ANDRADE, 1999; WATANABE, 2007). In the accomplishment of the maquiagem they must be adopted measured and criterion aiming at to prevent possible chemical and biological contaminations (ANDRADE, 1999). The application of maquiagem products does not have directly to be carried through in the customer, for example, the lipstick does not have directly to be applied on the lips of the customer, and yes inox must be deposited under one paleta of steel or dismissable material, for then being handled with the brush use; as well as shades, retractable dust, base, pencils, mask of eyelashes. The pencils must be pointed before each application, providing the withdrawal of the layer most external, this contaminated. The material composites for sponges stop base application, liquid or pastoso punishment, shade or dust, are obligatorily dismissable. These and others are of optional use of the professional, as the cited ones in table two, standing out that the use of dismissable materials increases the volume of generated residue (THIVES, 2009).