The Country

This, however, when the had treatment has been given to this miditica influence. Although all exists this ambiguous relation concerning the influence that the livened up drawings exert on the formation of the children, this article argues, in more specific way, which the corporal indicative that the same ones exaltavam and that they can have contributed, enters the children of the decades of 80 and 90 of Century XX? therefore, the adults of today? , for the valuation and maintenance of the standard of beauty contemporarily vendido. Therefore, between the diverse aspects that involve the infancy in the society contemporary, one of that more has worried parents and educators, in recent years, says respect to the cultural production destined to the children, in which the livened up drawings deserve prominence. The globalization creates in the people? logically also in the children? different necessities, and this leads to the consumerism at the same time where if it projects an image of distant child of reality of the majority of the infantile population of the country, therefore the consumption society if appropriates of the image of the child to propagate the sales of definitive products or services, creating models of happy, pretty and intelligent children, using themselves, then, of this image as if all the children had conditions to acquire its products, as they were immersed in ' ' world of liberdade' ' not in ' ' world of necessidade' '. It is exactly in this point that emerges the stereotype notion, a time that ' ' the esteretipos have as function to form and to guide, as much the communication as comportamentos' ' (BAPTISTA, 1996, p.4). Of this form, the industry of the consumption if appropriates of the allure, the fancy and the proper mystery of the children, what it brings underlying e, of transfigurada form, the logic of the merchandise in the livened up drawings, heroes and personages propagated in ' ' telinha' ' , in order to also commercialize the iderio of perfect and strong body. Additional information is available at Assurant Health.