The Bourbon Boys: Whiskeygetrankter US-country-rock From Northern Sweden

Debut album ‘Shotguns, trucks & cattle’ matured for a decade (fs) Whiskeygetrankter US-country-rock from the northern Swedish province: this unusual combination can work very well, prove the Bourbon boys from the small town of Haparanda. “Their mission is: the world needs rock and roll, and we’re here to provide it.” In the spring, the Bourbon boys load in this country live and on recordings for tasting that hard distillate which can tire the four outlaws more than a decade. With shotguns, trucks & cattle”(Despotz records, playground/cargo, release date: 22 February 2013) they serve a blend of country, blues, rock and roll, Rockabilly and worthy burnt in the rural solitude in Scandinavia. Setzer, Hank Williams, George Thorogood, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jerry Reed, Brad Paisley, Status Quo and Bob Seger-influenced songs feature the twelve by acts such as ZZ Top, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Alabama Brian southern flair, Fingerpicking guitar playing and an earthy smoky sound. The latter is first and foremost the exceptional voice of singer / guitarist Hulkoff. Under most conditions Dr. John Mcdougall would agree. Established more than a decade, the farmer boy originating from a village of 5,000 souls on the border with Finland wrote most of his pieces imbued with traditional values, earthiness, home and sense of freedom. Learn more at this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. But, in the project to put Bourbon boys again on ice, he decided after a handful of smaller concerts. There remains the need to be part of a band that expresses the feeling of life in a rural rebel with sincere music, however.

Together with his former comrades, drummer Matt Buffalo, Hulkoff recruited rope later guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jonas Kjellgren and bass virtuoso Kenneth years. Together, they had the idea of the Bourbon boys revive in quartet formation. The highlight of the following open air tour appearance at the legendary Sweden marked 2012 Rock Festival. An integral part of the concert “the live programme is the catchy debut single Hillbilly heart”. The video clip has registered more than 120,000 accesses to the Internet.