The Bowel

" This was accompanied by severe headaches, short bed, stagger, dizziness, weakness in right arm and leg, especially under load and weather changes, cramps in the calf muscles and a constant tremor of the head, difficulty writing, decreased memory and concentration, asthenia and emotional imbalance with anxiety and depression. I tried to run in the park, but very dizzy, nauseous, thrown to the side, intensified cramps in his legs and appeared unbearable headache. I had to stop and lie down on the couch at home, where they continued to twitch muscles and tremor in the body from sweating. So I stopped any further attempts to learn to run. Under most conditions James A. Levine, M.D. would agree. Sleeping pills and pain relievers do not facilitate a state of inner tension, reinforcing a common weakness. After 4 months walking to the clinic for injections, taking a lot of drugs, I went to VTEK, where I was offered a third group of disability, but I refused. I became more depressed our impotence medicine.

Neither the neurologist could not tell me whether I work, and even more so by your doctor. Familiar ophthalmologists gave Nikolayev book "Fasting for the sake of health." In 1980, for his 24-day starvation on the water I lost 16 pounds, but regained the coordination of movements, purified liver improved complexion, and most importantly – there was a big belief in full recovery. Spent much time in the air, walking in the park, drinking boiled water and broth hips, regularly cleans the bowel and was taking a bath.


Treatment of oily dandruff dandruff accompanied Oily oily hair, greasy hair these (rich) to the touch, have a greasy appearance at one table spoon of contamination of onion juice mixed with 2 tablespoons of vodka. Use as a liniment before washing the head. Boil 50 grams of onion peel in 1 liter of boiled water, 20-30 minutes. Used for rinsing the hair after shampooing. To broaden your perception, visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. I want to warn that the infusion of onion peel changing hair color, so the blonde does not recommend it use. One tablespoon of calendula blossoms pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for 30 minutes. Apply for rubbing. One table spoon of castor oil or burdock mixed with 10 tablespoons alcohol tincture of calendula (pharmacy preparation).

Rub 2 times a day to the scalp. Inflorescences calendula, burdock root minced – 2 tablespoons. 1 teaspoon of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water, boil for 20 minutes. The broth used for hair and rubbing opoloaskivaniya into the scalp two times a week. 100 g of nettle leaves to 0.5 liters and 0.5 liters of water vinegar. Simmer 30 minutes. After cooling the squeeze.

This broth to wash my hair before going to bed without soap (Bulgarian resort) one table spoon of nettle leaves to make a glass of boiled water, 1.5 hours, drain. After washing your hair dry and rub into the scalp infusion. Apply once a week. 30 g of nettle leaves, 30 g of leaves mother and stepmother, the rhizome of calamus – '20 6 tablespoons tablespoons mixture to boil for 10 minutes in 1 quart of water.

The Neck

In order to bring the skin on the neck in order, every morning, rinsed with cold water. Thanks to this procedure, the skin will wake up and get their share of massages. After that wipe chest area of fresh cucumber juice and apply a nourishing any cream. At night wipe the skin with cotton pad soaked in lotion makeup remover. This procedure will help you to remove the accumulated dust of the day. After that smazh neck cream. In one cup of warm mineral water on the add teaspoon sea salt, and blue clay.

Mix well and rub your skin with this mixture every night. If the tonic to keep in the refrigerator, it does not lose its beneficial properties for a week. Are equally effective for maintaining Firming Macka special for the neck. Make one ripe tomato pulp, mix with a fat yogurt, a little heating the mixture and apply on the neck and chest area for 15-20 minutes. The effect of the mask will be visible immediately: skin will golden tan and instantly smoothed. You can cook curd mask. Take two tablespoons of cottage cheese, add a little sour cream in them, and one teaspoon of vegetable oil and apply on vzbey neck through Fifteen minutes wash away a lot of warm infusion of herbs. The mask of rose petals and can work with the skin of the neck miracles.

For the preparation of mash mask healing petals of a rosebud, and add them a tablespoon of unsalted bacon. Smazh resulting mass neck and wash after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water. Heating oil to forty degrees, it soaked piece of gauze, put on the neck and upper lap PE Service and a towel. Keep a pack to within twenty minutes, then blot the excess oil should salfetkoy.Gimnastika for some simple neck exercises at first glance will help restore skin elasticity and neck prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Sitting at a desk, prop up your chin with his fists. Tilt your head forward, straining every muscle in his neck and hands to overcome the resistance. Tilting your head left and right. In this hands to his temples and make obstacles head movements. Clasped hands on his head and tilted his head back. At the same time ensures that the hands resisted. Pull his lips and straining muscles of the neck, making noises about the y-and-a-s. Take the tube in the mouth (Or toothpick) and try to write in the air, the numbers 1, 3, 8, 9. Watch for the fact that during the "draw" chin was pulled forward. For the first time days, each exercise should be repeated four times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 12 raz.Privesti chest area in order lemon lotion helps. At home, prepare it simply. In half cup sour cream Add chicken egg yolk, a quarter of a glass of vodka and fruit juice from half a lemon. Stir thoroughly and rub skin with a problem in the neck. This will help make it more elastic. Store in refrigerator is part of a week. This is one of the most challenging parts of our body. There are practically no fat, sebaceous glands and a little slow blood circulation. That is why the neck skin quickly weakens and loses tone … and instantly displays the woman's age.

Phytotherapy With Acute Gastritis

Acute gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which usually occurs because of poor nutrition, portability of certain types of food, alcohol, etc. The main features disease: pain in the stomach or pancreas, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, weakness, diarrhea or constipation. In acute gastritis effective use of laxatives, gastric lavage, and diet. Click PCRM to learn more. At diarrhea, traditional medicine recommends the use of such herbs bloodroot erect (root) – 1 tbsp. l. Mountaineer serpentine (root) – 1 tbsp. l. Wormwood (herb) – 1 tbsp.

l. Take a brew 1 / 2 cup 3 times daily before meals. In the constipation olhovidnaya Buckthorn (bark) – 1 tbsp. l. Yarrow (herb) – 1 tbsp. l. Liquorice (the root) -1 st. l.

Cumin ordinary (fruit) – 1 tbsp. l. Take a brew 1 / 2 cup before bedtime. Flatulence and cramps Peppermint (leaves) – 2 tbsp. l. Valeriana officinalis (root) – 1 tbsp. l. Fennel is an ordinary (fruit) – 1 tbsp. l. Chamomile (flowers) – 1 tbsp. l. Take a brew in a glass 2 times a day. When the pain in the stomach Len ordinary (seed extract) Preparation: 1 tbsp. spoon dry flax seeds to insist 2 hours in 2 cups boiling water, then drain. Take 1 cup 2 times a day. If intestinal colic Anise ordinary (fruit) – 1 tbsp. l. Peppermint (leaf) – 2 tbsp. l. Valeriana officinalis (root) – 1 tbsp. l. Chamomile (flowers) – 1 tbsp. l. Fennel is an ordinary (fruit) – 1 tbsp. l. Take a brew in a glass 2 times a day. In the absence of appetite, common oak (bark decoction) infusion: 1 teaspoon oak pour 2 cups boiling water, heated in water bath for 30 min. insist 4 hours, strain. Take 0.3 cups 3 times a day. Wormwood (herb) – 1 tbsp. l. Watch a three-sheeted (leaves) – 1 tbsp. l. Take a brew for 1 st. spoon for 30 minutes. before eating.

Nutrition And Pregnancy

Proper nutrition is an important condition for a favorable clinical course and outcome of pregnancy, childbirth, the normal development of the fetus and newborn. Recently Dr. Neal Barnard sought to clarify these questions. Status of the newborn depends on how the mother was fed into pregnancy. From the first days of pregnancy the body needs continuous supply of protein – the main building material for cells and tissues of the fetus. Inadequate intake of foods rich in proteins, leads to anemia and reduced resistance to infectious diseases. Most of the daily diet should be foods that are high in carbohydrates. In addition to carbohydrate foods containing vitamins and mineral salts. During pregnancy, increases dramatically the need for vitamins and minerals. Insufficient content of vitamins in the diet can cause metabolic the mother and fetus, the development of various complications of pregnancy, as well as increased susceptibility to infections.

Large role in the nutrition of pregnant women are apifitoprodukty company "Tentorium." If a woman planning your pregnancy, then she and her husband a year before becoming pregnant, they start to take apifitoprodukty. All products are "Tentorium" are divided into 3 groups: 1. Nutritional pills 2. Honey 3. Balms From nutrient tablets can be taken: Hlebinu, blueberries, a program of the gastrointestinal tract. Extra Befungin, Api-Spear, the Formula of Ra. Of Honey: Glade – honey with pollen, poplar – honey with propolis, honey and all with royal jelly. Man eats what feeds on the mother, while pregnant. The fact that it gets from food, has a gene effects on the fetus.

Dull Garden

Amanita. Time eaten fly agaric is able to take people from reality. Alas, sometimes forever. But the northern shamans have found a way out. When they want to communicate with the spirits, then feed his reindeer fly agarics, and then drink the reindeer urine. And the spirits right there.

Peyote. Little green friend of Carlos Castaneda. Works in Other Universes teleportatorom. Unfortunately, your spirit soars at altitudes unattended body vulgar pees in his pants. And so everything is fine. Bethel. Leaves of pepper betel in Asia rolled into bags, which lay the seeds of the areca and lime slices.

The resulting vkusnotischu be chewed and enjoy life. True, but elation she gave you and plenty of blood-crimson tasteless saliva. We’ll have to spit on everything. Opium poppy. Nature, whatever created life and consciousness (as if without this problem there was not enough), and brought up an excellent antidote to these two the main troubles of modern man. Well, think of it, prick! Pricked – and flew away. Khat. This plant grows version efidrina in Central Africa, where it is chewed all and sundry. And then people see caricatures elephants and other nonsense. Psilotsiby. Since in the 70’s Timothy Leary described the effect on the brain psilotsibov, tale about Masha, went into the forest to pick mushrooms, has acquired a new interpretation. Especially since the bears were actually purple and flowing. Kok. In the mountainous areas of Peru are allowed to grow coca leaves and chew it. No, in Peru do not need immigrants, and so there is overpopulation. Moreover, that without special treatment leaves give only a slight tonic effect. Hemp. Hemp make ropes, ropes, sacks, ropes, cords … a lot of long, long ropes of wonderful … such funny and such a long rope cordage, ropes verevkinskih verevkovatogo type, length … So consider whether or not to play with fate. We give good advice and strongly recommend to take the information and in any case not to do things that act is detrimental to health. Health and beauty above everything!

Healing Stone Shungite

Shungite – specific carbon species, which received its name from the village of Shunga on the shore of Lake Onega, where the first shungite was found. Shungite produced in Karelia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, near the town of Abakan, and as in Kazakhstan. Color shungite depending on the chemical composition can be black, gray, ashen, and other hues, interspersed with pyrite (gold), quartz (white). Shungite This can be distinguished from forgery because it conducts electricity easily. Shungite has an amazing ability to change the structure of water, giving it the healing properties due to the fact that amorphous carbon has the ability to move from the surface schungite in the water. Thus, water is carbonaceous. Due to this flow of water increases, and increases the permeability of water through the cell membrane. Shungite cleans water, removing it from harmful substances that blagotvortno effect on the body.

Complications when taking food from Shungite does not arise. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. This stone possesses anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects. In terms of feng shui shungite belongs to the element of water and therefore its use to people who need water, or to whom water is favorable. Since inflammation include the element of fire, shungite (water) decreases (inhibits) the tumor (the fire) So it successfully used in oncology. Shungite sold as a rock poroshek, pasta, pyramid, an ointment. This unusual stone is able to reduce the effect gepatogennyh zones, it is used often in mounds around military installations.

Shungite vozdeysvie reduces electrical appliances, mobile phones, reducing the aggressiveness of humans and animals. Since aggression is the influence of the metal, shungite (water) drains irritation and anger (metal). If the house put in a room aggressive person or a fighter Shungite pyramid, the man slowly but surely change its behavior. You can also change the behavior and aggressive animals in the house. Pyramid with shungite better use wax krikleiv inside in the upper corner of a piece of rock crystal, then the effect of the pyramid is a more lenient. Those who are familiar with the school of feng shui "Flying Star" is recommended to place the pyramid on the metal cluster of stars, or where is now unfavorable metal star 7. Currently sold rugs for cars with shungite, pillows, and a pyramid. People using shungite could see that they have more accidents on the roads there. Shungite (water) weakens the negative effect of the metal (machines). Anyone who enjoys shungite respond positively only to the breed. But it is worth remembering that the general recipe for all no. And people who have a very small Number of items metal in the body, shungite not help, but just the opposite. People who need the element of fire and have it a little, shungite (water) is contraindicated. How do I know that certain elements are favorable, and some are not, you must acquainted with the eastern astrology.