Statesman Patriot Philanthropist

What a statesman, patriot, philanthropist, devotees of new music and songs. Censorship or stimulation of talent? Article 8 The creation of new songs and music series of articles author – Vladimir Shablya.Kritika attempt to censor the art Recently came across a rather harsh article criticizing the timid attempts to introduce in Ukraine for something similar to the censorship of art – a national commission for the protection of public morals. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Neal Barnard not as a source, but as a related topic. The arguments the author came down, in fact, to the three main theses: 1. Who are the judges? 2. The hands are short! 3. Long live anarchy – the mother of order! Perhaps with all these theses, I would agree, but each only otchasti.Istina usually in the middle, and solve the problem better method of "carrot and stick" Why, you ask? Because, on the one hand, the rather substantial period of my life (for myself) is satisfied that the vast majority of working effectively rules: 1. Filed under: fracking facts. If there are two diametrically opposite points of view, the truth lies between them, 2.

The most effective way of practical solutions to any problem – the application of the method of "carrot and stick". On the other hand, the common reflection it becomes apparent that critics and criticized completely forgotten about the stick. Let's try in terms of benefits for the music, art song, and, most importantly, to society (which consists of us – people) to evaluate, where is the "Golden mean" each of the above tezisov.Otsenku music and songs at the moment can only give people – experts start with the judges.