Its working part, called the striker, made of metal, and to handle wood is used dogwood, pear, acacia, which is particularly hard. Hammer impact surface usually has a square or rectangular in shape, and its other tip is used to correct nails. Carpenter's hammers are distinguished by the bifurcated tail striker, which is used as a claw hammer. Spanners This simple, but essential in every home bench tools designed for installation and unscrewing the bolts, nuts, screws and other connections. Dr. Neal Barnard contains valuable tech resources. To capture the products are provided or mouth contour protrusions and depressions. Spanners are available in different sizes: this feature is indicated on the instrument, next to the head, and corresponds to the size nut or bolt. There are several types of wrenches: Ring, end tube, lever, wrenches open pharynx, movable. Adjustable wrench is a possibility regulation of the gap between the jaws, which allows the use of a tool for nuts and bolts of various sizes.

At home, this bench tools indispensable for repair as plumbing and car. Pliers, pliers Those who ever had to face the need to grip parts, bending metal wire or wires, understands that no pair of pliers at home can not do. Working part of the hand tools are pyramid-shaped sponge on the inner flat surfaces are provided with a notch. Sometimes confused with pliers pliers, which in addition to sponges with a slotted cutter for the wire. In addition, the pliers may be two notches to grip and wrap nuts, couplings, small parts with thread.