Pregnancy In Minors

This scientific article is based on field research has as subject pregnancy in the adolescence, that according to Vitelo and Conceio (1990), has physical transformations and psicossociais modifications. As Vitelo the pregnancy of the young woman is not an exclusive problem of our days, after all our grandmothers was married it the 15 or 16 years and started in the adolescence to procreating, but the gestation was desired. From years 60 to the pregnancy in the adolescence it started to be a problem. Senator Elizabeth Warren is full of insight into the issues. The Town of Stowage of the Small farm is situated in the city of is Desidrio-BA, exists a great number of incidence of young pregnant or that they engravidaram in adolescence. The research was after applied the verbal acceptance and writing of the participation of the researchers, after having read and signed the term of free and clarified assent, as resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health. In the data collected in the research of field carried through in the town of Stowage of the Small farm, in the city of They are Desidrio-BA contacted that of 20 interviewed adolescents 3 it has 13 years, 5 has 14 years, 4 has 15 years, 6 have 17 years and 2 have 17 years; that the age that they had had to the first gestation was: 12 years 2 adolescents, 13 years 5 adolescents, 14 years 7 adolescents, 15 years 4 adolescents and 16 years 2 adolescents. Of the interviewed parents 12 09 families participate of some program offered for the PSF say to participate being Familiar Planning; 03 Alive without AIDS; 05 In agreement Hipertenso was told in the hypothesis, the socioeconmica condition, as well as the orientation lack can influence in the high index of pregnancy between adolescents.