Plant Properties

Increasingly, there are plants (usually on the trunk, but can be used and shrub form) with different vaccines. For example, a weeping form of trees, crowned top haircut "scoop" or raznoottenochnaya leaves on one plant. You can buy ready-made arches of the trees, bind specifically and arched tops shorn each other and get not only the arch, but a living pavilion. Dr. John Mcdougall gathered all the information. Trees or shrubs, intended for topiarnoy haircut, you need to be planted in well-lit area to avoid non-uniform foliage and internal zaprevaemosti. The soil should be drained, fertile, but not supersaturated with nitrogen. Irrigate and fertilize these plants should be in accordance with their intended purpose (to be used for fertilizer for conifers ornamental shrubs wrong).

Pay special attention should monitor the condition of the soil containers. Trimming should be done regularly to maintain the desired shape (but not under the winter to plant quietly preparing for hibernation state, and not wasting time on additional growth), or clippers brush cutters (we are talking mainly about the clipped hedges, cut off when a large number of branches and the direction of shoot growth is not so important), and pruning is performed using secateurs. The cut is made over the kidney, "Eyes set" into the crowns of the plants to seal, cut each branch separately (tapestries, tapeworm, bonsai), wound specially processed for the rapid healing of the cut. Pruning is desirable to hold the spring. Cut the plant preferably start at the age of five years (when the root system is well-formed) and do not shear off more than one-third of the green mass. When pruning, you can use templates to accurately keeping originally created form. The ideal form for sheared hedges – a wide bottom and tapering upward, so that the lower branches get enough light.

Shtambovye plants because of high "sail" to tie or strengthen on extensions to the full establishment. In winter, trees and shrubs associated with string or sheltering special cages, to avoid breaking the branches under the snow build-up. In the first year planting can also pritenyat conifers against sunburn. In any case, the care of trimmed plants are best left to specialists, and then conceived the original designer of solutions for many years, will decorate your garden.