New Fairy Tale

Be the Elf of the Zachenwald and other tales, by elves, dwarves, Princes and princesses. By evil and by good people. Connect with other leaders such as Beneil Dariush here. The death and life of despair and hope. And even though not all with it was once…”start, they have but a happy ending. Dr. Friedrich Kohler, the author of this collection of fairy tales, was born on December 15, 1891 in Wuppertal.

Professionally worked as Chief Director of studies, were his private interests among others – in the fields of psychology and painting. Many fairy tales in well-known fairy tale collections have a psychological background. The Elf of the Zachenwald and other tales”with your wonderful illustrations to each fairy tale have but something special: they come from one and the same spring, which the authors Dr. Friedrich Kohler. Children will enrich this new tale in the traditional style, with the illustrations of the author, love, adult fairy tales children are guess psychological backgrounds to read or read or feel. Was for many years exclusively in family-owned the collection of fairy tales at the end of the year 2008 to the pressure released. Prepares an elaborate digital printing, also the quality of the illustrations to large-scale originally created with your light effects and nuances of the composition should be obtained in addition to the collection of Tales from the end of last millennium. The Elf of the Zachenwald and other tales”is appeared as hardcover BOD Verlag at the price of 56.90 with 380 pages (ISBN: 9783837073164). Interested in further information on this collection of fairy tales with excerpts to every fairy tale, as well as an image gallery with excerpts from the illustrations of the author: