My Small Creature

It: What it will make when I will be velhinha, and my age to print in my being, then you deixarr to love! I however will not look at myself but in mirror some, thus eviatrei mine to suffer loses you! For all my life me of this love, you were my gurdio my protective guide, loving of my life to who it gave as much love to me and pleasure, together we were loving and friends, you would not support to come back to the past without mine libertinho angel! It: Perpetual loved mine, I will be your mirror and you to the looks in me will see only our love that will go to reflect for all eternity, thus you will join our oldness in one petty cash where we will guarderemos our love for all infinite, and you loved mine will perceive that mirror some is capable to provide so great light. It: Then what it will be of protective mine loving when arriving the day of the departure? It: It would lose me in a black shade where the homesickness would invade my being, thus I, if you loved amantese would be leaving before this being, whose the heart alone beats for you! Then the loving ones had decided to live if amanda day after day, and night after night, if they had delighted with pleasure and desires, but had never opened the petty cash, so that the love never could fly pra far, and thus the love inhabited between two souls and there it made dwelling, forgetting everything that could give to breach the box. Follow others, such as McDougall Program, and add to your knowledge base. In 1876, they had been found in a hut in mountains, a couple of died velhinhos, to the side of them it was a small box, and inside it was the following dedication: To the all the loving ones that they had known to face the badness of the men, when opening the box iram to know that not even the death was capable of separates two souls q will resurgiro p life! ELIANE. .