Microcosmic Orbit

Teachers learned to use the mind and the inner eye to guide the Chi for this circuit. What used to heal themselves, thus establishing the basis of spiritual work. As they developed their inner senses to identify and catalog the Chi depending on their various sources (Sun, moon, stars, etc..) Learned to absorb more Chi from each of these sources to pass to your body The Microcosmic Orbit is like a large reservoir that supplies Chi Chi nutritive to the body. Filed under: Assurant Health. First, full or Ancestral Extraordinary Channels (in total there are eight extraordinary channels, with the first two the Governor and the functional, which form the Microcosmic Orbit. These feed the other six). Then fill the twelve regular channels: six six Ylos Yin Yang. The Yin and Yang channels are all connected to one of the vital organs. This is how the Microcosmic Orbit meditation sends nutritive Chi throughout the body.

Everyone is born with the circuit open Microcosmic Orbit and flow. Even in the womb, a fetus Chi flows through its own Microcosmic orbit. After birth, this path is free and open until puberty occurs when the body feels the pressures of hormonal changes and physical development emotions become stronger during the delicate phase of adolescence. Stress is one of the main factors that cause blockages in Chi that appear in the channels of the body as an adult. When you reopen the Microcosmic consciously, we increase the efficiency of our energy and begin to fill the loss of Chi. As the spiritual qualities, or virtues, are linked to our vital organs, Taoist instruction makes the physical body is restored and stay healthy as a basis for spiritual work.

When a body does not receive sufficient Chi, his physical condition may deteriorate and at the same time, may be more difficult to manifest the power inherent in this body. Consider we are told that all systems of meditation intended to relax the mind and nourish the spirit. When the mind is agitated, overflowing the ideas and feelings, reacting to everything, sometimes in exaggerated form, causing it to disperse the life force. As the mind is so busy with this flow can not give full force to any idea or feeling lost and dispersed acuity and distracting. It's like the sun, if widespread, deep-heat, but if you focus a lens, are powerful enough to burn paper. Similarly, when we calm the mind with meditation, this is concentrated and strengthened by the flow of Chi. This is known as "power of the mind." Definitely when we step to meditation, we do it in a harmonious way, we channel our energy in such a way that allows us to achieve harmony, knowing how to properly use the power of chi, and meditation to achieve an ideal state of our energy potential that willing to be effectively used if we decide to use it for us. Fte: universal-tao.com