Medical Photos Around The Clock

The University Hospital Cologne Pixelboxx uses as media database for documentation and public relations MedizinFotoKoln, a service of the University Hospital of Cologne, now features a Pixelboxx media asset management system as a central image and media database with the option to manage video clips. Thanks to the dedicated access control both departments and clinics, as well the press can download images and incorporate into your websites. To a link services module (publication and press module) in the media management has been implemented directly at the beginning of the project. “Thanks to the professional service of Pixelboxx the overhead was minimal. To my surprise I could insert directly the Pixelboxx from day of installation to.” (so Thies Schoning, Director of MedizinFotoKoln) MedizinFotoKoln (MFK) is the organisational merger of all photographers and graphic artists of the University Hospital of Cologne. MFK was founded 4 years ago with a headquarters and 4 offices. The branches are located in areas, a particularly large Volume of documentation have patient and OP photography.

In addition, the photographers deliver also the photo galleries for annual reports, annual reports, General publications, and public relations. brings even more insight to the discussion. Pixelboxx GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany develops and distributes Web-based enterprise media asset management solutions, and belongs to the market and performance leader for scalability and high availability and the degree of automation.