Maximum Profit

The subject has the objective to define conceptually what it is Ambient Education and as the population can contributes in the defense and conservation of the environment, as well as assessorship and consultoria can promote the development sustainable. One understands for ambient education the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities directed toward the conservation of the environment, good the use joint of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support (art. 1. Law 9,795/1999). In contemporaneidade has increasing demand for necessity to incorporate education ambient in life of all citizens, since these are losing the natural relation that had with the nature due the man to start to see the environment as exploration source, not only as half to take care of its necessities of consumption survival more also, as it affirms Noal, 2002, p.78. The interests in game are very great in the globalizada society. companies and corporations are not made use to open hand of its parcel of profit, therefore the model where if it bases the current development is conducted by ' ' ethics of lucro' ' , of the progress without limits and the increasing yield. With this one perceives that the current society is based on the consumption and the profit, since the globalizado world where we live is dominated by a minority that withhold the means of production enough to produce the profit maximum. The consumista system considered by the capitalist economy generates tons of solid residues annually and liquid of diverse origins that overload the nature this accumulation when not treated, it promotes innumerable disequilibria ambient as: contamination of the water, global heating, devastao of the forests, accumulation of garbage and emission of pollutant gases