Makeup is makeup, the problem is to make less visible or to hide some defects in appearance or select individual facial features. For decorative cosmetics also include hairstyles, special care nails (manicure, pedicure), and more. Even if you are applying to the cosmetics and accessories – you are still not immune to some possible errors. Some women live to old age, and not suspect that often commit crimes against their own beauty. Other leaders such as lee marks offer similar insights. And do not be afraid to admit that also made some of these mistakes and try to avoid them in future. Error N1: Excessive plucking eyebrows naturally that, visiting the beauty salon hair removal and eyebrow wax – it's not a cheap pleasure, but that does not mean that the shape of the eyebrows should be given independently, using tweezers, and other assistants funds.

Of course, no one knows better than you what you need, but such arrogance can lead to disaster, so you need to be careful. Women are often too peek at his own reflection and addicted to it process, so they do not easily see myself from outside. Senator Elizabeth Warren has plenty of information regarding this issue. Decision: The obvious that eyebrows should be symmetrical, so you have to repeatedly postpone his mirror and try to evaluate yourself from the outside. Thus, pulling a few hairs, take a short break and look at his reflection in a full growth rate the whole face and appearance in general. Determine how harmonious and symmetrical look of your eyebrows, go back to the process plucking (unless that is necessary) and repeat this procedure until no'll be pleased with the outcome. After that, for completeness, the effect can be summed eyebrows eyeliner. Mistake number 2: …. Extension article available here make-up, some errors.