Life And The Universe

So what's love for us is happening now? We are given a chance to raise the vibration to the exalted status with the Earth and become the sun, and their freedom to form their planetary system of life that is literally become the God who creates the living. Prevent such possibilities of transformation in his consciousness, namely, to raise the vibration and become like the sun. This is a state of transition, it is the transition time. At this time the polarization of the poles. Simply put, the vibration of fear – on the right, the vibrations of love – to the left. Which choice is made you? The transition time, where? The path of consciousness flows from the third to the fifth dimension of the dual integral dimension. It that way we have passed the Ascended Masters of Life, including Jesus Christ.

It is time now to do this way each individual and the whole planetary system as a whole. All these things are not relevant to the life cycle burned, frozen, washed with water and air, to the original divine state. Do we know or not ready, not ready, the cycles are relentless. During winter and spring has come over you can not sit and pretend someone is not concerned. McDougall Program is often quoted on this topic. We all face a choice: left – after cleansing, healing, restoration of original plan, the Buddha's consciousness of Christ, in his intimate and so raise the vibration to the exalted status with the acquisition of freedom and love. Right – make the usual state of vibration of fear and go with the evolving world in the fifth dimension, in the familiar third dimension. The choice of saints, he does not condemn all have the right to be.

We do not have to do already happened. Our challenge match paradigm of change, trust, faith, love and joy. That is, constantly raise your vibration, through a radical revision of its dependencies, and habits. Accept what is happening as a gift, as the highest good and to cooperate with the processes of life. Support of God, life, sun, earth mother, helping themselves and neighbors. Along the line of mercy in the name of the decree of Victory bless each other in the transition to the next dimension, join hands and even arrive at all the will of God is Creative. To repeat the words of Christ himself: – 'Here I come to do thy will. My will is your will, Father. " So be it, so it is. What is happening quite commensurate, it is appropriate, beautiful, pure, harmonious, majestic and divine. Reasons to panic. Take responsibility for what is happening is appreciated. Element is generated by a person on the basis of its thought process and emotional state. So why now the heat? How, with this manifestation of nature do? What to choose? Love? Fear? Dear friends, brothers and sisters, we invite you to our website to express their views and additions to the proposed topic.