Home Face Mask

Home face masks – one of the most important skin care products. Many women ignore them, assuming that enough cream or tonic. A dangerous delusion. Add to your understanding with Dr. Neal Barnard. Rapid effect and a significant improvement of the skin do home facials indispensable in cosmetology. It is desirable to apply a face mask if you have 10-20 minutes free time.

It is important to relax with a mask on his face, then the effect will be maximal. There are many recipes for masks – provide feeding, healing, cleansing, astringent, moisturizing effect. Home facials increase blood circulation and smooth wrinkles, refresh the face and make your skin smooth and soft. It's desirable masks do not apply early in the morning and before bedtime. The ideal time from 11 to 19 hours. Modern women who are interested in cosmetology, usually know their skin type, and this factor must be considered when choosing a prescription masks. Naturkosmetiks.ru gives a few simple recipes of masks at home: Face to face, as well as other cosmetic products are of various kinds. The separation occurs in the direction of action.

Therefore, masks, creams and how important select the type of skin. The most common and frequently used the following types of face masks: Nutritious homemade facial mask homemade moisturizing maskiStyagivayuschie home maskiOchischayuschie home Mask Bleach home maskiDomashnie facials with lifting effect and there are so-called universal masks that are suitable for almost all, if no allergic reactions to components. Here are a few Recipe: Home Face of dried herbs 2 tablespoons lavender 2 tablespoons chamomile 2 tablespoons lime flowers 1 tablespoon sage all the ingredients are crushed and poured boiling water until the consistency of thick slurry. Hold the lid until the steam out of grass. Impose a lot of warm, top cover polietilenomi towel. Home facial mask made of flour and). Apply a paste of barley flour, crushed peas and rose water. Keep on your face at least an hour. b). Mix until a paste-like state 1 tablespoon of milled oat flour and milk, add 3.4 dripping of mineral oil. Apply to face up to 25 mines. Hollywood home facial mask Grind 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, add the whipped white, put on 15 minutes. Rinse off with milk. The mask of beans boiled beans 3.4 tablespoons crushed. Add 1 teaspoon of any vegetable oil and a teaspoon of natural yogurt (can substitute sour cream) Cream Moisturizing Mask "Royal" 20 grams beeswax 20 gr.masla cocoa 100g of base oil (grape seed oil is suitable, peach) 1 tablespoon castor oil 1 tablespoon honey ingredients gently heated in a water bath to dissolve the wax, thoroughly mixed, cool and add one egg yolk and half a lemon, grated with peel. Apply for 20-25 minutes. Moisturizing cucumber mask 1 tablespoon heavy cream or yogurt, 1 tablespoon of cucumber pulp 15 drops of rose water and mix all products are well beaten. Apply to face, add in the dry. Hold 20 min. According to the website: Naturkosmetiks.ru