Holotropic Breathwork

Such how to work with the trauma is the basis of various respiratory and psycho Holotropic Breathwork – modern methods of integrative psychotherapy, very effective in treating various neuroses, psychopathy and psychosomatic disorders. All experiences that occur during the passage of Holotropic Breathwork session, can be assigned to one of three levels of the unconscious human psyche – a biography, perinatal or transpersonal. Priority of these experiences depends on the degree of relevance of the trauma are manifested in a particular situation. All resulting feelings and experiences necessary carefully monitored and allow them the freedom to manifest at all levels of your being (body, speech and mind). In holotropic psychotherapy, physical and emotional acting out the trauma is strongly encouraged. For example, there is no need to restrain his tears and desire intruding hands pounding on the wall (for security passes holotropic therapy, there is always a so-called sitter, if needed, can not holonavtu self-harm).

All the material is crushed, releasing the unconscious, manifests itself in outer space and thus it is dezaktualizatsiya. This technique uses a catharsis as method of self-liberation of the repressed material. One of the most important principles that formed the basis of these therapies is an active trust. Confidence and to myself and to the healing process, because as already mentioned, uses the principle of the possibilities of our psyche to heal itself. To do this, just remove the constraints psihomentalnye blocks. The resulting ability to afford to freely manifest itself in the context of the process that carries a huge stock of nervous and mental energy, freeing up that we can significantly increase our creativity in life and thus its quality.

The greater the number of internal restrictions and prohibitions we will take, the more energy you get. The disappearance of the mental blocks gives a sense of the tide of spiritual forces and the state of inner freedom. Thus, releasing the suppressed unconscious material, we help ensure that our psychic energy is continuously manifested. Moreover, we strive to make this process as a conscious and controlled. Tree of Life Tai Chi Center: the source for more info. Considered, we have already the principle of Tantra (Continuity) is very evident in modern intensive integrative psycho (IPPT). The better we master their mental processes and become more conscious than in our daily life, the less the trauma and, as a result of them, systems of condensed experience (COEX) is formed in our minds. By practicing this way, we, each time, we become one step closer to his inner freedom. Information from site: "Odessa Center for Integral Development," invites you to participate in the seminar "Tantra: the ancient traditions and modern meanings of" to be held 1,2,3 October 2010 in Odessa.