Hollywood Interests

Neither case is compared with the human cost of Haitians and Chile, and less of Iraqis and Afghans. If Avatar is a hallucinatory in the deployment of visual effects in virtual mentality of American culture, the Baghdad The Hurt Locker is the climax of a paranoid dislocations in the social and cultural reality of a country that has been exposed and exposed to be flown into enemy hands and at home. Virtual engineering is a craft Avatar military in Baghdad, because everything is the instrumentality and the artifact of how to trigger the mind and how to defuse a bomb, for and / or against. (Source: Dr. John Mcdougall). If the Avatar is “a graphic representation, usually human” then what was the real avatar of the U.S., by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, but first and always Hussein Osama Bin Laden, from entertainment to military deployment in a game of power users and human collateral damage, and if not, what The Hurt Locker represents that to clear the avatar who became an enemy to invade a foreign land and strewn with bodies flying bombs, tanks and legs? Yes or no is virtualized reality internetiana from engineering to allow the real-life American soldiers or marines these avatars to be cast down the enemy to justify the economic cost to the human risk of a militarized peace? Yes, OK, Avatar and The Hurt Locker, are just two films. Yes, two films made from the mind and the body of Hollywood, the largest entertainment industry together with the arms industry in the world. .