Guinea Pigs

Strict English Self And to put it simply – plain short-haired guinea pig. The variety of colors is striking: pigs are black, white, cream, gold, brown, beige, red, purple, saffron, and even buffalo! In accordance with the requirements of the standard wool Self should be silky and shiny eyes – big and bulbous, and the ears – to the form of rose petal. For even more opinions, read materials from James A. Levine, M.D.. Sheltie: elegant coat and tail pig breed Sheltie can a happy owner of a chic coat and long tail – it is these qualities so prized by breeders. Of course, such a coat requires daily care – styling and putting in curl-papers, often – washing with followed by drying and assign the wool talc, but the effort paid off with interest, costs only a pig to get the top prize at the show! Regal Coronet No other breed can compare with him. Look at this flowing hair, color depth, 'Roman' nose profile, the crown on his head In addition to the external beauty of the Coronet are different and internal harmony: very often they are born with the right temeramentom for exhibitions, and more often than other pigs evince absolute favor of everything, do not break out, and behave very calmly. This pig holds earned the right to be called the royal! Popular Peruvians Peruvian guinea pig on the right are among the most popular due to its luxurious thick wool, which can reach a length of 50 cm! Hallmarks of this breed are the three outlets are located on the head and sacrum, as well as wool, increasing toward the head, because of what is not seen a muzzle.