Duet Navi

Without question, the “chaos Queen” dares – German Schlager can be so sexy. But tour d’Amour”has even more to offer. The funny thing is a shoo-in to hit “All matter”. This involves a good blind date, where just a wrong man being kissed, kiffende hamsters and stolen songs but is the chaos Queen about the things at the end, is quite relaxed her times all no matter! The refrain of the song but never matter but goes directly into the ear and the fleet Groove gives absolute fitness party for the title. Another song from that erotic corner is the tingling near the belly button title feels like at”. You can even fly me to Venus”it says in the text and there will be enough men, who would like to come after the prompt. But love must move not always in erotic cars, even romantic love takes on tour d’Amour”their space.

The fast-pulsating love song the Sun has seduced the Moon”turns to the most beautiful thing in the world in the form of almost lyrical. “The sweet summary: love and light why not” there speaks for itself… Musically especially the poppy plant conspicuous in the title bonds. Came out a modern pop hits with smart electro sounds. Of course also the ballads should not be missing on Kristina Bach albums. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. Love of life”is such a worn and pensive song. Quiet like a gentle river, it flows and gives us a completely different side of Kristina Bach. See Senator of Massachusetts for more details and insights.

The chorus is the essence: it comes out of you love to life, you don’t give up, just get out of the best. It’s never the love for you on the love of life, make the best of it.” The love song to life”produced moments of meditation, without ever losing sight of to the Happy ending. He is a very personal statement to his own life and of love that overcomes ultimately every crisis. “But the album has yet more surprises you confidently with the title we are family” could describe. With their own label, B * M * G * (Bach Music Group) the charismatic singer launched by notoriously full in 2009 at all levels. In addition to their own albums, she devoted there increasingly the young and that with a large Proves success like the sensational top 50 chart being increased of their musical discovery Unkissed Cappuccinos with her album”this year. Also by Kristina Bach composed and produced album goodbye Michelle Michelle”was a great success and is close to gold. The family thought of the label is Kristina Bach tremendously important and so it is no wonder that two of their young artists and her niece Guiliana as a Duet partner can be found on the album. “” Here are the aforementioned Cappuccinos with the cheerful pop once we celebrate life today “to mention and following the coming girl duo Maria Magdalena with the modern Schlager pop Duet Navi for your heart”. And not to mention cute ES must be everything wild”, which she sang together with her niece. Pop fans will love these songs. Tour d’Amour”is an album that briefly and conclusively as the hottest temptation since it has hit” can call because know, love is everything and basically the core of all life, as well as almost every good song.