Dexter Another Sense

Today the House MD-most popular series among all the existing ones. Only "VKontakte" of his fan base has hundreds of thousands of people. Him worship, inherit his image, he is admired and boys and girls and their parents. Thanks to the House the world knows about lupus, Vicodin, and that all lie … Let's look at this person more. Unmarried man approximately 40 years, a brilliant diagnostician with an unusual cast of mind and a brilliant sense of humor.

These features, which are not for everyone. But can reproduce (and rarely play) any: disabled – many absolutely healthy fans already walking with a cane, a drug addict – are buried in the forum topics "Where can I get Vicodin?"; cynic mezantrop, an atheist, "troll" and a liar. Violates every rule, intimate communication. The only friend – Wilson – tolerate it fun just because of their natural loyalty and indecision. Go to endocrinologist for more information. Rude to patients, teasing boss, while afraid to admit her feelings to have sex with prostitutes. But does all this matter? After all, he "just honey!" Now imagine that same image, but without a developed intellect, genius and good sense of humor. Any one of us risks becoming a parody of the "nice cat", if time does not reflect on blind kopirovanii.Pravosudie Dexter Another "cute".

Cute, charming, intelligent, resourceful, inventive. He has a lovely woman, two children and one foster child home, where he was madly in love, he gets along with almost all colleagues … And at night killing people and divides their bodies. His drawn to blood, murder, and he can not help myself.