Destiny Lermontov Vladimir

YOU – gods, but forgot about it. TIME TO REMEMBER THAT EACH OF YOU – THE CREATOR HIMSELF AND HIS WORLD. You do not have to suffer, to seek from life better, wade through thorns to the stars, the problems of your desires. Here, The 48 Laws Of Power expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Become Gods reaches a state of the Creator and the whole universe will work for you. You – the gods and all yours! You – the center of the world, the axis being the center of the universe. Take this world – it's yours, it was created for you! All the best in it – yours! God created man in his own image and likeness. Every person has the divine essence, which has the properties and power of God.

God created the world and a man of his creative energy, this same energy is in your divine nature and therefore it can create for you anything you want. A person does not use the potential of the divine essence. It is based only on their human capabilities, which are limited. So you can not really change themselves and their life. But the way a person est.On to revive the qualities of God, and to create for yourself the magic world of happiness, health, wealth, love. To do this: to find and understand the divine essence in itself to establish contact and learn how to use its power to communicate – the creative energy for the transformation of oneself and the world. If at the moment you make a miracle in your life, then it will happen to the extent that you let him, his will create the creative energy of your divine essence.