China, The U.S. And Latin America News

May 26, 2009 Does it matter for Latin America on how long recovery will occur in the U.S. economy? Does it know how strong the recovery will be developed? What are the implications the outcome of the Chinese trade balance for the region? All these questions are of interest considering the prospects for recovery of Latin American economies, although the importance varies in intensity. While the crisis is likely to continue throwing up new troubles we certainly believe that we are passing through a period which should start to discuss about the economic recovery of the U.S. economy in particular and the world economy in general. Read additional details here: James A. Levine, M.D.. Still the world depends on the moods and health of the U.S. economy. Despite its staggering during the genesis of the subprime explosion, the economy and the dollar from Central America has shown its validity as world leaders.

During the seminar I attended, and I have taken a interesting diagnosis of the global economic situation and Argentina, Repsol YPF, in relation to the international context, the analysis made by the speakers on the outlook for economic recovery, its possible form and the Chinese trade surplus. That the global economic recovery will come from the U.S. no doubt, not only the historical ability of its economy but also by the demonstrated inability of the rest. The world is expectant about what may happen to the U.S. economy. Nothing remains of the illusion of a decoupling. China disappointed at their first opportunity to put the world economy on their shoulders and try to at least enjoy the world economy of a small.