Benjamin Franklin

Woman, girl, sleep, as many cristianes, under of marquees of houses or store of rich inhabitants, traders. Nor all so rich, but much more of what it and what many. They are these that enxota when it sleeps in its doors. There it must have had family, knows that species of family. Perhaps lode of some place, one marries, who knows a home.

Who knows has come of the sky? Or of the sky alone it comes pretty, blond, rich, profcuos, intelligent, normal angels? It has visible mental problems. She consumes alcohol, qui other things. As she could not leave of being, or she could, she is damaged for the great majority, of that if they say to be children of God. She does not have one I smell very pleasant. It would be very to demand that it was perfumed on the inside, in the soul and for it are in the body. It has a soul and a body even so does not recognize them some. , By the way Clement if it questioned on which I only smell would be it of the wings of an angel who had flied some days, sweated, dried to the wind and if bathed in rain? Which must have smells been it of that they followed the Christ, they leave to nail for the streets and deserts and took off the dust of its sandals and came back to walk? Clement it remembered that its father said that: Without I smell it to bath of the animals is less strong than of some human beings and that, therefore, for more superior than let us judge in them, in equal situations we will be able to have perfume the same.

Cristiane little colloquy. It is closed. Defense than more necessary for its survival. Survival? Clement it would like to know, who it is and of where it came. It only knows its name. Cristiane. When greets it, it answers with a likeable smile and one ' ' oi tio' '. Clement she thinks: On who they would be its parents, parents? Clement it believes, it wants to believe that it must have occurred something unusual with them, therefore s conscience, normal, the grace of the intolerncia and badness of the world would not leave children. Cristiane if only has on name nobody knows. Name of the father, so that? It is necessary the least in this question today. , Tomorrow Clement it believes, the name of this father will be necessary, when it will be charged by action omissions. Cristiane this the name of who, who knows can be an angel or a human being. Who can say that yes or that not? Clement it finds that, if it is not wanted to hug, or to die of loves for cristianes or cristianos, at least not if it must maltreat them. That they also are part of the creation of God and relembra the phrase of Benjamin Franklin: ' ' to find that the world does not have a creator is the same that to affirm that a dictionary is the result of an explosion in one tipografia' '. How it has a Creator is better to be more intent?