The human heart is identified with such naturalness. Que tal? so if loose whatever you’re holding, and return you more natural Checks: what you are holding? Perhaps your love, your sensitivity, your weakness, your insecurity, your tenderness as you can share you more fully? Perhaps simply accepting yourself, learning to share those things hidden, or running the risk of saying that there are things about yourself that you judge. How can I forgive? Take a few moments to heal the process with you. If you have retained / hidden something that brings the message of rejection towards you. So complete that with you, forgive you for not having been able to do better, recognize you, take care of yourself. So the question is: are you willing to love? And understand that for that you need to ask yourself: do you are willing to love (you)? Acceptance. The first step in that direction is to accept who you are. Accept your reality here and now.

There is no future tense and already we stop living the past. So if you want something, build it at this very moment. Accept yourself with your limitations, your mistakes, with thy judgments, with your beauty, with your ability, with your intelligence, your freedom, your sensitivity. It accepts. And accept situations.

What is that you’re living, what is that you are presenting. We generally judge how things should be and recriminamos us to not be perfect. But you can actually take every situation as a learning. Each situation that arises outside you can become a success if you propose learn from it. After all, we don’t know if what today seems a tragedy cannot be converted into a great blessing. Just as we owe to all our defects the gift of our maturity, of our strength, in short, of who we are today.